Our offer within consultancy services includes…

  • Strategy elaboration

    The environment of the Oil&Gas sector companies is currently subject to dramatic change. 
Growing competitiveness of market structures as well as the changing consumption pattern create new, often unexpected challenges, which require fast but well-thought-over decisions. 
Despite the increasing complex nature of “routine procedures” of each entity, 
company management boards are frequently forced to look ahead and properly evaluate strategic implications of newly emerged trends if they do not want 
to miss new opportunities 
or to prevent potential risks.
    This makes the creation, implementation and updating 
the strategy a “routine activity”. Building new strategies exerts enormous pressure on company boards.
    The expectations of shareholders, managers , employees, the Government and business partners are systematically growing 
and are frequently contradictory, which even more complicates the activity of companies’ 
strategy departments that are, on the other hand, continuously smaller and smaller due to cost cutting trends.
    In this situation the support of specialized external consulting teams could be extremely helpful 
and guarantee advantage over direct competitors facing the same problems.

    • Strategic analysis

      Successful strategies depend on business environment in which a given entity operates. 
The awareness of global trends, factors enabling success in particular business as well 
as economic and political situation determine the success or failure of a given strategy. Proper strategic analysis is essential though not sufficient to elaborate a suitable strategy. Our team, making use of an extended database and extensive experience, is ready 
to support your work in this field.

    • Benchmarking analyses

      In the changing market environment each company ought to know its key parameters 
in comparison to its competitors. Various indicators such as reserves replacement rate, effectiveness of crude production, costs in each segment of the value chain compared 
with competitive entities define the strength and weakness of a particular business (in this case the upstream business) and stimulate the creation of an appropriate strategy. Benchmarking analysis is the best tool to obtain those numbers which can help us 
to organize our knowledge about a company and develop the potential of efficiency improvement.

    • Identifying the value leverages

      A well organised company may identify areas or processes which, improved or entirely restructured, can significantly contribute to the increased value of the entire company. While creating the strategy we will try, together with the board and managers, to identify the „value leverages” which would speed up a company’s development and contribute 
as soon as possible to the growth of operational results.

    • Identifying and elaborating strategic goals, key performance indicators (KPI’s) and essential initiatives and projects leading to strategy implementation

      A well designed and implementable strategy constitutes a coherent combination of:
      strategic goals that is what a given entity wants to achieve,
      indicators measuring performance level in a possibly best way and
      tailored initiatives that is projects which are nothing other than an effort 
to apply strategy to current company activities.
      Formulating an appropriate strategy composed of adequately and logically connected elements seems to be a great challenge and requires total commitment of an entire company management.
      It is not the role of a consulting company to select all individual strategy components 
for management. Our intention is to organise the process of strategy elaboration in such 
a way that managers of a particular entity become its actual author. We are convinced 
that only strategy prepared in such cooperative way could lead to success.

    • Identifying quick wins projects

      Even the best strategies remain unrealized because of enormous pressure to improve current company results exerted by shareholders. To reconcile short-term expectations 
with a long standing perspective of a new strategy, new initiatives that lead to fast 
and considerable increase in value through long-term strategy realization should be found. Such ideas are sometimes so obvious that only external perception can help to identify 
and implement them.

    • Preparing financial models 
on the basis of Value Based Management methodology

      Company boards are dealing with a growing necessity to evaluate projects, paying special attention to their impact on a company’s value. To conduct such an analysis, 
our offer includes financial models of enterprises prepared on the basis of Value Based Management (VBM) methodology. Relying on previously prepared strategic 
and benchmarking analyses and having identified strategic levareges, we are able 
to prepare professional VBM models which enable quantifying the impact of the taken actions on a company’s value.

    • Preparing the strategy implementation plan

      Even the best strategy remains a mere document if an adequate project 
for its implementation had not been prepared. A new strategy often requires a deep restructurization of a company’s previous functions, introduction of entirely new processes, a change of attitude towards customers and partners, finally identification of the unknown parameters and indexes. In order to avoid disruption in business and to smoothly go through the difficult period of changes it is necessary to create a well thought over 
and precise implementation program which takes into account both the existing limitations and the challenges of a new strategy.

  • Strategy implementation including preparation 
of strategic management systems (VBM, BSC)

    It is also our aim that our clients permanently use strategic approach once they introduced it 
in their companies. To achieve this goal 
we suggest that our clients should introduce modern management systems based 
on Value Based Management and/or Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodologies.
    Proved effectiveness of those methods 
in the Oil&Gas sector considerably increases the chance (in the case of successful implementation) of effective strategy execution, but most of all it leads to better and faster than competitors adaptation to rapidly changing market environment.
    We also suggest using VBM and/or BSC methodologies to elaborate and implement strategies regarding investments in new technology which considerably contributes to a company’s growth. Application of VBM and/or BSC techniques enables efficient technology transfers and intangible assets management.

  • Project management including upstream projects

    The aim of our cooperation with a client is to provide help in identifying and making full use 
of emerging opportunities for growth in value across the value chain in the Oil&Gas sector. 
To begin with, we precisely analyze skills, knowledge level and current situation in the client’s company. This enables identifying the best way to use the existing resources and to correct defects which prevent the projects from realization.
    Using multi-stages approach we try to acquire full commitment of our client’s project teams. 
The gathered knowledge and skills are then used to focus the project teams’ attention 
on key characteristics of an enterprise, taking into account both risk 
and potential growth of value so that realization of a given project becomes 
an inherent part of a company’s strategy. Projects connected with seeking and extraction of hydrocarbons involve multidimensional risk. Growing competition, decreasing number 
of prospective discoveries and rising costs make this segment of Oil&Gas 
a formidable challenge for potential investors. To make upstream business create not destroy 
the company value, investment decisions have to be based on extensive knowledge and expert analysis of all available options.
    Our cooperation with well known Polish and international geological companies and experts guaranties sufficient support and knowledge in the process of carrying out E&P projects.

    Methodology of our work is based on the following principles:

    • Complete and thorough analysis of all external conditions of a particular project, 
including recognized geological, political and economic factors,
    • Formulating, together with a client, a concept of a given project, included in the company’s strategy, targets and measures,
    • Realistic attitude and most importantly, our client’s awareness of all the possible risks associated with a given project,
    • Analysis based on financial models (assuming availability of data) of different investment options taking into account alternative scenarios,
    • Selection of an adequate strategy and implementing a chosen scenario for a particular project.
  • Managing technology transfer and innovations including R&D projects

    A thorough analysis of a development strategy together with a client facilitates more efficient management of technological projects, including both innovative and R&D projects.
    Technological advancement and its importance 
for development of companies in particular, 
require appropriate approach to its effective management.

    We want to support our clients in:

    • implementation processes,
    • investments in new technologies,
    • research projects realization and implementation,
    • technological development bound up 
with an increase in companies’ value.

    Our intention is to gain full involvement of our clients’ project teams and to develop the highest effectiveness of management in this area. To achieve this, our company takes individual approach towards every technology or an R&D project. We rely on experience and cooperate with Polish 
and international technology implementation and innovation experts. Therefore we can guarantee our clients proper knowledge and support in conducting technological projects.

    Our activities are based on:

    • A complete analysis of a technological project in respect of current technological advancement, market aspects and internal conditions as well as external economic and political factors,
    • Establishing, together with a client, principles concerning realization of a technological project taking into account a company’s strategy,
    • Presenting to a client, in an appropriate way, potential effects of realization of a technological plan, placing particular emphasis on associated risks,
    • Analysis of the most advantageous conditions and available possibilities of a project implementation followed by selecting an appropriate strategy and methods to carry out 
a given project.
  • Project portfolio management 
for investors including private equity funds

    Most investments in the Oil&Gas industry and E&P sector in particular are very uncertain 
and characterised by a considerable risk. Portfolio approach derived from the stock market is the best method to reduce this risk. It diversifies risk and simultaneously does not change the expected rate 
of return. Involvement in the upstream segment requires full comprehension 
and acceptance of this method. 
Private equity investments in the area 
of new technology are similarily characterized by a considerable risk 
but also offer high potential rate of return. Our cooperation with a client primarily heads for an introduction in their company an attitude based on the portfolio strategy. It creates both formal and functional structures necessary to realize 
a substantial number of projects. We also actively support our clients in the preliminary selection 
of projects and preparation of an adequate investment structure.

  • Support in negotiations, including negotiations concerning exploration and production contracts for upstream investors

    All investors in the Oil&Gas sector must be aware of an enormous influence that fiscal regulations 
of a particular country have on the profitability of possessed upstream assets.
    Governments of countries which are rich in energy resources are trying to achieve a compromise between maximalising their budgetary income and sustaining a satisfactory level of investment 
in the E&P segment . Companies investing in the upstream area look for new, geologically prospective areas and at the same time try to negotiate within the E&P contracts the best possible conditions for the development of their businesses. In cooperation with well-known law companies specialized in exploration and production contracts, we fully support our clients in the process 
of negotiations. We provide them appropriate data and model calculations reflecting the influence 
of proposed solutions on profitability of a particular project and suggest solutions which would contribute to reduction of risks and success of future investments. Additionally, we offer support 
in licence purchase within the scope of investments. It remains an inherent part of E&P contracts, frequently affecting investments taken as a whole, taking into consideration the transfer costs 
and purchase of intangile assets.

  • Preparing financial analyses and models for projects

    Successful transactions need to be based on a fair and realistic evaluation of assets.

    Due to growing complexity 
and competitiveness of the Oil&Gas and new technology markets preparation of financial models, 
which would adequately reflect profitability of a given project, 
requires complete and credible data 
as well as independent professional knowledge.

    Having a long experience in this field on Oil&Gas and new technology markets (among others) 
we offer full support in preparing appropriate instruments and tools.

  • Preparing and veryfying feasibility study and project businessplans

    Another service available to our clients 
is evaluation of a feasibility study and support in translating concepts and ideas into 
a real businessplan of a new enterprise.
    Our company’s added value is represented 
by professional experience, analytical resources, database infrastructure 
and openness to our clients’ most original ideas.

  • Support in M&A projects including organization and participation 
in due diligence (technical and business issues)

    A takeover and a subsequent merger of existing companies is always risky as the two merged structures may not have the same business objectives, evaluation might be overestimated, 
the assumed synergies cannot be realized, or hidden technological or legal problems appear.
    To reduce those risks before making 
the final decision, detailed and objective due diligence of the acquired companies 
is necessary.
    We support our clients in organizing 
and carrying out this process.
    We also ensure direct participation 
in economic, market and technical matters.

  • Post-acquisition integration, 
support in acquiring management over a new entity

    A successful tender offer and a finalized purchase transaction of particular assets is just 
the beginning of a long and usually difficult process of value creation for a new investor.
    A success of such a process is determined by long-term goals and initiatives resulting from a clash of the purchaser’s priorities with the vision and strategy of the former company board as well 
as immediate actions connected with the first and most difficult phase of acquisition 
and integration of a new entity with the structures and corporate behaviour of the purchaser. Complex, consistent and achievable long-term targets, measures and initiatives constituting 
a new strategy of the merged entities, together with a detailed action plan in the first phase 
after completing the transaction, are essential to achieve success and ensure appropriate rate 
of return.

    Within the operations mentioned above our offer inludes:

    • Preparation and support in the process of organizing post-investment due diligence 
of acquired companies,
    • Defining crucial operational risks connected with the process of acquiring a particular entity and actions necessary for mitigation of these risks,
    • Specifying initiatives which would increase the effectiveness 
of the merged companies (so called quick wins),
    • Preparing the system of management and monitoring of the operations performed 
in the early period after the takeover.
  • Support in preparing competence profiles 
and in selecting new personnel for projects and target companies

    Even in traditional sectors of business success is determined by people.
    A well selected and motivated personnel 
is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise.
    In M&A projects, one of the crucial problems and challenges for the manage-ment boards of acquiring companies 
is selecting suitable candidates 
for managerial positions of both acquired and new companies.

    Our offer in this field includes:

    • Identifying key positions which should be filled with the candidates of an acquiring company,
    • Specifying an expected profile for each position,
    • Selecting personnel in cooperation with a headhunting company,
    • Training workshops introducing new managers to the assets and companies 
being subject of acquisition,
    • Trainings for new managers in the specific segments of the Oil&Gas market 
and technological investments.
  • Supporting Investor Relations (IR) and Public Relations (PR)

    To be a successful market player, systematic and efficient strategy implementation must be supported by harmonious relations 
with investors and the public.
    We concentrate our efforts on building professional and credible Investor and Public Relations and creating a positive image 
of our client.

  • Strategic solutions for IPO

    In the process of dynamic development company usually reaches the point when it has to search for new sources of capital and requires further financial imput despite a gradual decrease 
in the level of indebtedness. In such cases company may go public which enables the issue 
of its shares to the unlimited numer of potential investors. However, the process is complex 
and costly. Capital markets operate under rules and regulations which may be too challenging 
for some new players. Preparing prospectus with confirmed financial data (for minimum three years) is the key factor of a successful introduction of an unlisted company to the public.

    The sooner the company meets this requirement, the better and faster it will be able to fully utilize situation on stock market and enter it with maximum cash flow from issuance of its shares.
    It is also necessary to prepare a company to meet the requirements of capital market concerning information obligations, which can be achieved through creation of appropriate procedures 
of internal control, accounting and information systems.
    Our clients are offered complex support in all the procedures related to entering the public 
stock market.