We provide analytical services…

…to our clients and the Consulting Departament of the Institute.

In the process of strategy creation we take into account numerous risks. In the case of energy sector companies, their clients and contractors, three basic risk groups need to be correctly identified.

Firstly, strong and expansive national and international competitors. Secondly, risks connected 
with the situation on national and international energy and fuels markets.

Finally, risks resulting 
from economic and political situation 
of national and international markets which provide energy resources 
and those which are recipients of energy and fuels.

The energy sector is an area 
of growing competition and state intervention at the same time. 
Energy strategies of states and regions which are currently the centre 
of attention of politicians and public opinion directly affect the activities of large but also small businesses operating in the fields 
of exploration, transport and processing of energy resources and raw materials for petrochemistry 
and chemistry industries.

The debate between politicians, representatives of the sector and experts conducted on both national and international levels is one of the elements of creating conditions for the operation of energy sector companies. For this reason we also actively operate within pro bono expert activities.

We appreciate the role of credible information in the operation of energy sector companies and the recipients of energy resources, energy and fuels.

The Energy Studies Institute provides the following analytical services…

  1. Conducting strategic analyses for energy (Oil&Gas, power) enterprises and chemistry companies.
  2. Systematic analyses and evaluations necessary for the operation of above mentioned entities.
  3. Analytical support in negotiations, especially in the area of the Oil&Gas sector.
  4. Analytical support in the realization of M&A projects and in conducting due dilligence.
  5. IR and PR strategy elaboration.
  6. Supporting the activities on national and international markets with the help of broad professional contacts of the Energy Studies Insitute.

Analytical services provided by our Institute concern both the national (including regional) and international markets.

Our team offers broad specialist knowledge about the Polish Oil&Gas and chemical sectors.

We are able to obtain information directly from international markets, including the markets of the Former Soviet Union countries.

Our team uses all available sources of information:

  • National and international press/media reports,
  • Strategy analyses and company reports,
  • National and international statistics,
  • Professional seminars and conferences,
  • Arranged meetings with national and international business 
and political representatives.